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The Studio 

Welcome to the studio...

Our Studio has been designed in a way to make it perfect for all our photography photoshoots, we are located in Sutton Coldfield town centre. 

The Studio is cleaned and sanitised after every photoshoot, ensuring all surfaces and equipment is clean and ready for each client. All floors are vacuumed and mopped, dresses, wraps and blankets are washed after every use.  

Features of the studio:

- Comfy sofa for you to relax during your session 

- Baby Changing table - spare nappies and wipes should you need them 

- Bottled water 

- Separate toilet facilities 

- Studio Maternity friendly wardrobe 

- Selection of framed wall art samples

Our aim is to make every clients as comfortable as possible during their time with us, and to make their experience an enjoyable one. 

We are thrilled to be able to share are amazing studio space with our clients, and we cant wait to meet you and your family at the studio soon!


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