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Sutton Coldfield - Birmingham

Maternity Pregnancy photoshoot

There is nothing quite like the excitement and anticipation that comes with falling pregnant.

As women, the way our bodies are able to grow and create an actually person is truly amazing!


I know that not everyone reals amazing during their pregnancy, and you might not feel like the queen that you are, Growing a little person is hard and tiring, butI promise you that you will not regret capturing photos of this special time in your life, and you will love getting to look back and seeing just how amazing you actually looked, and what an incredible thing your body did.


My aim is to give you a day, that is all about you and celebrating exactly what you body is doing, to make you feel amazing, even if you don't feel it so much during your pregnancy. 

- Showing you just how amazing you and your body are

- Capturing the start of your unborn child's journey.  

- Showing the love and connection you have 

So let me make you feel amazing 


"For anyone considering a maternity shoot I would highly recommend as I felt so beautiful and came out on such a high- I couldn’t wait to show my husband!"


Birmingham West Midlands

How it works

A maternity photoshoot is a fantastic way to document a truly magical time in yours and your families life, and will be photos that you will love having to look back at for many years to come.

Maternity photoshoots with myself are designed to be a relaxing and enjoyable experience, I want you to be able to enjoy every aspect of your maternity photoshoot, and understand that everyone is different, which is why I will always customise every maternity photoshoot to suit you and what you want. 

Once you have chosen me for you maternity photoshoot, I will go through a consultation with you to make sure that I am able to create the images you envision for your maternity shoot. 

I have a collection of gowns and fabrics that you are welcome to use during your maternity photoshoot to create some amazing images, which suit your style and allow you to feel beautiful. 

Regardless of if you chose to do your maternity photoshoot alone or with your partner or other children, I will capture your pregnancy as a beautiful timeless piece of art that you will love. 

I know and understand that you don't always feel amazing during your pregnancy, and you may feel nervous or unsure about having a maternity shoot, but I will make your feel relaxed, and enjoying the experience. 


Booking your Maternity Photoshoot

To book and secure your maternity photoshoot a £49 non-refundable deposit is required to secure your booking, this is deductible off any digital package that you wish to purchase at your viewing appointment. 

You maternity images can be purchased as digital images, and in a wide selection of wall art products that you can proudly display in your home. 

I look forwards to meeting you and creating some stunning images. 

Session Info

When should I book my Maternity photoshoot?
The ideal time for a maternity photoshoot  is for when you are between 28-36weeks of pregnancy. However, with each pregnancy being unique, this timing is flexible, and it is completely up to you when you feel is best 

What to Expect at your Maternity Photoshoot
When having a maternity photoshoot with myself I want you to not only look amazing, but I want you to feel amazing, this why everything is designed around you, I take my time to allow you to feel 100% comfortable, and will never push you to do something you aren't comfortable with, which is why I will always start my maternity sessions with you dressed in something you feel comfortable in, wether that is an outfit you have brought from home that you want to be photographed in, or we can jump straight into my Maternity closet, as you start to feel more comfortable, we will move on to draping fabrics, and lingerie, or nude, as long as you are happy to do so. 
After your maternity sessions we will book you in for a viewing appointment, where you will get to come back and see your images  from your maternity photoshoot which have been retouched to show just how beautiful you look. it is at your viewing session where you can choice your images you would like to purchase, with no obligations or minimum spends. 

How long does a Maternity photoshoot take? 
I don't  clock watch, as I don't want you to feel rushed, or stressed about getting the images during your Maternity photoshoot. along with us having a good natter, lasting around 1.5hours 

What do I need to wear for my maternity photoshoot
I have a full closet of amazing gowns that you are more then welcome to use for your session, so you don't need to worry about going out to buy clothes for your session. but of course if you have an outfit you would like to bring you are more then welcome to bring them along with you. 
as well as gowns I also have fabric that can be used for
 draping, in which you would be in lingerie or nude, depending on what you feel comfortable with, I do recommend black, white or nude coloured underwear, but if you have some pretty sets that you would like to wear again feel free to bring them along. 

Do I need to go Nude?
No not at all, your maternity photoshoot is all about you, and making sure you feel comfortable, and creating images that you want from your maternity photoshoot.

Where is the studio? 
The studio where I do my maternity photoshoots is based in Sutton Coldfield Town Centre, in the Red Rose Centre, 
B72 1XX

Who can be involved? 
You are more than welcome to bring your partner, other kids along to be included in the photos, to celebrate your pregnancy together as a family. 

How long after my maternity session can I see my images?
Your viewing and ordering appointment will be booked in at the end of your maternity session, it is normally around 2 weeks after your session that we will find a date that works best for you to have your viewing appointment

What Products do you offer? 
I have a range of products that I offer, which I am happy to talk you through everything, to make sure you are getting the best products for your taste and style, and what images would like best on. 
I only provide high quality products that I would be happy to have in my own home, So you know that which ever direction you decide to go in you will have stunning images to display. 
products include: Digital files, Canvases, Acrylic, and Framed wall art. 


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