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2023 - An Exciting Year Ahead

I know I have left it a little bit longer then I would have planned, but I have been filled with all the exciting planning, and sorting stuff, for 2023, and what it means for all my amazing clients, to have the best experience possible.

So Lets start with a round up of 2022

New Studio

2022, was an amazing year for myself and LottieLea Photography, as we started the year with a new studio, based in Sutton Coldfield town centre.

It was definitely a scary move from my previous studio in the Telsen Building just outside Birmingham city centre after been there for 8years, but was for the best for me to be able to offer a more bespoke experience with the studio been designed specifically with my mums and mums to be in mind.

First professional Talk

I was also invited to give my first professional talk at a local photography club, in which I was able to talk about my experience as a photographer, and my journey to where I am now. I have a previous blog HERE in which you can read all about my journey to where I am.


I entered my first competition in which I entered 2 images, both of which won Bronze, which I was blown away with, having never entered a competition before, I wasn't sure what to expect, but was very proud to see that my work is of a professional standard, and that I was deserving of an award. Which I hope to enter even more this year.


My gown collection was able to grow for my mummies to be, with even more variety, so there really is something for everyone.

You can check out my collection of gowns that you are able to use for your session Here .......

I have been able to allow many amazing mums, dads, brothers, sisters, and little bundles of joy into the studio, to create images that will last a life time. And I look forward to welcoming even more into my studio this year.

So what is there to look forward to fro 2023??


My studio is staying, based in Sutton Coldfield town centre has been an ideal location, that although we are in the town centre, we are in a nice quiet walk way near the library, which is ideal for parents, as there are so many amazing thing at the library, which has a soft play based inside which the NCT hire on a Friday morning for you to take your little ones, and have a lovely baby section set up, for all you amazing new mums to go and socialise, and meet other mums.

I can often be found there with my youngest on days when i'm not in the studio, shooting on location or editing.

I am looking forward to been able to offering special photography events for the NCT this year, so definitely something to keep your eyes open for.

New Pricing Structure

I have decided to look into simplifying my pricing structure for you all, to make it as simple as possible, but to still ensure you are getting exactly what you want from your session.

As always there is still a session fee, to ensure regardless of if your baby is early or late, that your session is securely booked in, since I will continue to limit the number of newborns due each month. which gives you piece of mind that your session is safely booked in.

There will still be no obligations or minimum spends, as I want you to get exactly what you want from your images, this allows you to have more flexibility and choice of if you would like to go for a package deal of your images, or à la carte, with only the images and products that you want.

New Products

To allow you to have the best of the best, and exactly what you want from your images, I have been talking to and working with new printing labs, to make sure I am able to offer you all the best products that I can. some products have been discontinued, so will no long be available this year, but I am happy to say that the new products I am able to offer as truly amazing quality, which I think everyone should have for your priceless memories.

These products are of the highest quality, and will make your images look incredible, that you will love getting to display them in your home.

Keep your eyes open on social media (and i'm sure I will make another blog with more details of these new incredible products over the next month), as I have just ordered samples for the studio, for you all to see just how amazing they look.

Social Media

As i'm sure anyone that follows me will have noticed, I can have period in which I am really good at posting on social media, and others where I will forget to post. I promise I will try and get better at this for 2023, with sneak peeks, reels, and maybe even some lives to come this year.

So make sure you are following, liking, commenting, and I will make sure to put interesting facts, more of a social interaction, some entertaining videos, and beautiful images.

Facebook Group

To go hand in hand with improving my presence, I will be creating a group, for all my amazing families, which will be more of a social space, this space will only be for previous clients, because as well as wanting to give you the best experience with you, I like to think I become friends with my families, and I want to continue to watch your beautiful babies and families grow.

It is also here where you will receive early access to offers which maybe happening (Christmas minis), and if I am ever in need of model I will post here first.

If you would like to join the here is the link.

And Finally BABY NEWS...

I am finally announcing that me and my husband are expecting our 3rd and final child in a few weeks. I know some of my more recent families are award, but we have managed to keep it quiet from everyone, so they will be making their appearance soon.

We have decided not to find out if we are having a boy or a girl this time, so I look forward to making the announcement to you all about their arrival.

I will keep you all posted more then before with blogs and socials, and look forward to all the exciting things to come this year.

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