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Newborn Preparation - 5 Things you might want to get ready for your babies arrives

Newborn Preparation - getting ready for the arrival of your newborn
Newborn Preparation

Getting ready for your newborns arrive can be such a daunting time, and you start to question what do you really need for your little one.

So after having had 3 of my own, I have complied a little list of the things that I myself have found to be very beneficial.

Newborn preparation 5 things I would recommend -

Bottles - there are so many different bottles on the market, and it can make you wonder which ones are best, and should you go for. Everyone has difference preferences and even babies can have their own preferences. but I have noticed along with many other parents the Mam is liked by many.

for me I loved the fact that they are self sterilising, so if you are visiting family members you are able to wash and sterilising your bottles without the need for a steriliser. They are also anti-colic which after my first suffered with colic before we used Mam.

I cant say that the bottles prevented my second 2 form having colic, but they never suffered with it.

Mam also do an amazing started pack for you to have everything you need.

As the bottles are self sterilising, another thing I would invest in would be a UV dummy steriliser, which is perfect for when you little one drop their dummies when you out and about, the sterilise your dummies in no time, and I found to be an amazing addition when I had my 3rd baby.

Another amazing thing that I found for when you are going out and about is the Rapid cool, these are amazing for when you are out, and need to make a bottle, simply make your bottle up with boiling hot water, and pour it into the rapid cool, which will cool your babies bottle down to the perfect temperature within 2 minutes, they have been a real game changer, and have became massively popular with many of my clients using them.

If formula feeding, the one thing I have benefited from having with all of my children has been the prep machine, been able to make a bottle within minute to the perfect temperature really helps when you have a screaming baby wanting a bottle.

Do make sure that if you are going to use the prep machine that you do regular cleaning, and changing the filter regularly to ensure the machine is kept in the best condition for your baby.

I don't know if it is because of all of my boys been born in colder months, but one thing we could never live with out was our nose suckers, to help clear all of the snot, and to help them breath again.

We started with a manual one in which you sucked through a tube to clear their nose, and although they did the job, I found I much preferred it when I switch to an electric one, and found you could control more, not trying to hold to their nose and your mouth with a tube, while still trying to hold your baby.

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