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Activities to try with your baby in the first year

There are so many amazing activities that you can do with your little ones, with more and more popping up all the time.

They can be great for your babies development, and for your own social and mental health getting out of the house, and meeting other mums doing the same thing as you and your baby. They can also be fantastic bonding time with you and your baby.

So I have listed a few fun activities that you might be interested in doing with your little one, that are fantastic for making memories:

1- Baby swimming

Taking you baby swimming, is an amazing activity to do with your baby, and you are able to do it from tiny baby, since babies have spent the last 9months in a bag of water, it is normal to them, and they actually often find it quite relaxing.

I took my first when he was just 6weeks old, and it was such a good experience for both of us, getting him used to splashing in the water, going underwater, not panicking about water over his face, stimulating him, and having some good quality bonding time for us both.

To me I think swimming is a skill that everyone should be able to do to some level, as it is such an important life skill.

2- Baby massage

Baby massage is a lovely way to relax and bond with your baby. With a number of techniques that you will learn been used to help with things such as wind, helping the blood to flow, and stimulating your babies with different parts of their bodies, and improve their sleep.

I did baby massage with my first, and learned some amazing techniques which we have continued to use now with my second boy, to help ease his wind.

3- Music an movement classes

Music and movement classes are great for your little ones as they allow them to develop coordination. As well as stimulating them with physical movement, they are great for your little ones to interact with other the same age in a fun, un-pressured way.

They help children develop in a number of different areas and should definitely be considered as a class to go to for you and your baby.

4- Bedtime stories

Getting into the routine of a story before bed, although this many not seem important at such a young age, it actually plays an important part in your child’s development.

Seeing the colours, letter and shapes, as well as different textures in a number of baby booked, is a brilliant stimulus for your little ones.

Reading to your baby also teaches important listening skills, and is the start of developing their communication skills.

5- Messy Play

Messy play is another good way to allow your child to explore a number of different textures, noises, colours. Allowing your child to enjoy getting messy, helps them develop their sensory skills.

6- Capture the important stages of your child’s life

In the first year of your child life, they grow and change so much, and there are so many milestones that you will want to document, and you should document as many as you can.

In the first year of your child’s life I offer a number of different shoots that you may want to capture to look back on.

In the first your you will have:

· Newborn

· Baby faces (3-6months before sitting)

· Sitter session/ family session

· Christmas mini session

· First birthday cake smash

If you would like to book any of these session contact me at and we can discuss creating beautiful images for you treasure for a life time of the moment that just went to fast.

Your child’s first year goes so fast, with so many firsts, so many memories, milestones. As fast as it goes there is so much to do, and you want to enjoy as much of it as you can.

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