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The Birth of Baby Harlow

So since I keep been asked, I though I would write a blog going over everything for anyone who is interested.

Its no secret that I don't enjoy been pregnant, and I don't have easy pregnancies

Hunter - I threw up everything, I couldn't keep anything down, ended up on anti-sickness tablets that I couldn't keep down.

- Had to take Iron tablets as my Iron levels dropped (again which I couldn't keep down, meaning I my levels dropped massively after I gave birth, that I had to take more then would generally be recommended)

- They kept checking me for early labour from 30weeks

- Acid reflux/Heartburn, I couldn't take enough renee to control it.

- Anxiety the whole pregnancy as they told me I was on track for a 10lb baby, which resulted in me pushing for a c-section (which I didn't end up having when he came at just over 37weeks at 6lb1)

Hixon - Found out at 20 weeks I was high risk due to Low PAPP-a, meaning I would have to have growth scans every 4weeks from 28weeks. (The risks that stick with me was; low birth weight, higher chance of miscarriage in the 2nd half of pregnancy, early delivery, and that if I went past my due date I was at a higher risk of him been stillborn - this was all on the information sheet they gave me) luckily it didn't cause us any problems, he grow well, and other then been very tired was probably my easiest pregnancy)

Now too little Harlow, He was the most uncomfortable pregnancies, I got a lot bigger, and due to him decided to be back to back, cause me a lot of back pain.

because I was a lot bigger and uncomfortable, I was extremely tired, then when you add my iron levels once again dropping, and 2 young children to run around after, I was completely drained.

But coming towards the end of my pregnancy I couldn't wait to meet him/her since we didn't know what we was having, and to not be pregnant anymore. at my midwife appointment at 38weeks, I predicted it correctly and I was 2cm, and starting to get contractions although not regular for long enough, I was in Latent Labour (Early labour) I was informed that my body and everything was ready to go, and that my midwife wouldn't be surprised if I went into labour in the next couple of days.

I had a sweep to see if it would start anything (although they did nothing when I was pregnant with Hixon), and it did bring on stronger more regular contractions in the next couple of days. I ended up going to the hospital due to them becoming more regular for longer, to be told I was still 2cm, but the midwife said she wouldn't be surprised if she seen me back later that day, because everything was ready to start.

It didn't start, if anything everything seemed like it stopped. But a coupe of days later even a couple of days later the more regular contractions started again, and I tried to be stubborn, to not go to the hospital again, for them to say I wasn't far enough along, but also aware that I now lived further from the hospital and with how quick my labour was with Hixon (50mins after my contractions started), I didn't want to give birth in the car. So I agreed with my husband to go and get checked. again 2cm, the back pain was intense and I was getting fed up that I wasn't progressing. The midwife offered to let me stay in hospital if I was worried about getting to the hospital, as everything was looking ready to start, so it could be anytime.

It was at this time every midwife started saying there is something about 3rd child, that they seem to stay in Latent Labour for days/weeks, and just be a pain.

I decided to go home, as having 2 other children at home, and not knowing how much longer I would be in Latent Labour, the last thing I wanted was to be stuck in hospital.

I decided that I was just going to try and ignore it, and just do things to make me more comfortable, instead of trying to get him to turn from back to back (which had be suggested as soon as he turns that I would probably go into active labour.)

So I had a bath on the night, and just relaxed. then 1am, everything got a lot more intense. (funny thing I had said for weeks that it was going to start at 1am, since that was the time I kept waking at)

I woke my husband up, and told him we had to go to the hospital now, so he rang to let them know I might be in labour, they suggested waiting 30mins, to which I told my husband to call my dad to watch the boys, we are going now, as I am in labour.

So we did, my dad come round, and we headed off, and called again while on our way that we was on our way. as we got closer I started to stress that my contraction was easing off, to which my husband pointed out they wasn't they was now 4minute apart.

Once we got in I was checked and told I was 4cm (yay), I was now in active labour. they took my down to delivery ward and go me gas and air. (I think just in time. lol)

I mentioned that I would have liked a water birth again, but I didn't think it was possible with the midwifery unit been closed. they said it wasn't a problem a couple of the rooms on delivery had birthing pools, and they went to sort one out for me.

I got in the pool with my gas and air, and tried to relax. the midwife asked about if I has quick labours previously, and added to my notes. My husband could see the labour was getting more intense, and said reminded me to ask if I felt I needed the epidural, since my contractions were getting a lot more intense, and my waters hadn't yet broke, so it was going to get even more intense. Within moments of him saying that I felt my waters break.

The midwife checked and I was crowning, she couldn't believe how fast I had progressed.

I remember minutes later looking at my husband as the midwife announced the head was out, I think we was both confused, my waters had just broke, and for me I actually didn't feel him. then to be told "one more push and thats his legs out" It was such an amazing birth that I didn't feel him coming (other the contractions) I just let my body do whatever it needed to do, and it was an amazing experience.

I lay in the pool with our new baby on my chest and had my husband tell me it was another boy, and sorry that we he hadn't given me a girl. I remember telling him "I don't care" I was holding my amazing little baby, that would be my last, and I honestly didn't for a second feel sad that he wasn't a girl, I was going to love him no matter what.

Once I was out of the pool I had to deliver my placenta, which was been more stubborn then Harlow, and ended up taking more then 3times longer to deliver than Harlow did. I remember finding out once the birth was over that my waters had broken at 04:04, and little Harlow was in the world at 04:14, so its no surprise, the midwife was caught off guard with how quick he arrived.

Having managed to experience a water birth, something that to be honest I never thought I would get to do, It was the most amazing birth, and experience, and I think it ended up been the perfect last birth for me.

And if anyone asks me I would 100% say if you can have a water birth, go for it. the whole environment at good hope hospital, with dimmed lights, the bed and the birthing pool, and the option of balls if you needed them, the space was lovely, even though it wasn't the midwifery unit, which I know has even more, I found it just perfect.

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