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Am I the right Photographer for you?

When looking at booking a photographer there are a few things that you should be looking out for, and I am here to help guide you into if I am the right photographer for you.

As much as I would love to be able to say i am the perfect maternity and newborn photographer for everyone, I understand I am not for everyone.

So what should you be thinking about when looking for your ideal maternity or newborn photographer?

Is my style right for you?

There are so many photographers around, and we all have different styles and different ways for working, which will make us more suited to different people.

So always want to make sure that the photographer that you choice is a style that you like and would want, regardless of budget, it has to be want you like from your images.

With my Maternity sessions, I like to make you feel amazing, and stress free, which is why I have a selection of dresses that you are welcome to use for your session, to give you a full experience, that you can really make a day of it.

I love having a combination of getting my mums all dressed up, and then also bringing the session back to the main focus of the bump, bringing in the connection between mother and bump, and what an incredible thing your body is doing.

Sutton Coldfield Maternity Photo,
Capturing Beautiful Maternity Photos

My Newborn sessions, are timeless and simple sets, to make sure that the focus is on your little baby, and I am not one for having a lot going on in your images, so if this is something you are looking for, then i'm probably not the photographer for you.

I like to keep my sets simple, to keep my images timeless, and that they would suit a large variety of settings for wall art, and for many years to come with styles and trends always changing, keeping them simple and timeless is how I enjoy to work.

Sutton Coldfield, Newborn baby Photo
Creating Beautiful Timeless Baby Photos

My Studio

I am a studio maternity and newborn photographer, so if you was after someone to come to you, then I am not the photographer for you.

My studio is based in Sutton Coldfield town centre, although I am in a busy town centre, my studio where your photos would be taken is down stairs in a custom built room, so you don't have to worry about the public watching you.

My custom built studio room, as a small and cozy room, where you can sit back and relax during your newborn session, on a comfy sofa, with drinks and snacks available for you, to make your self at home.

I have everything that you could need for your session, so you don't need to worry about anything, helping to make your experience stressful.

I am your friend

I like to think I become a friend to all of my families that come to me, I like to keep up to date on how you are doing, and then I love watching you and your family growing.

My business is just me, which is why I am so involved in everything, I want to make sure that you get the experience you deserve, So you wont be dealing with multiple people for your session, you wot have a pushy sales person trying to sell to you, as that just isn't me, I would always prefer you loving me and leaving happy, and wanting to come back, then passing you round a number of people, and having no real connection.

When you are coming for your session, I am focus on you and your session, I don't have multiple sessions after you. as I don't clock watch, I want you to feel relaxed and not stressing if your little one isn't playing ball straight away, if they are needing more feeding, or even time to settle, that is completely fine with me. your whole session is going to be as relaxing and stress free as I can make it.

So am I the right photographer for you?

if you think I might be, and would like to ask me anymore questions let me know

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