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More Photos of Mum Please

More Photos of Mum Please....

As a mum we often find that we are never the ones in the photos, we capture our little ones so much once they are here, their smiles, laughs, playing different games, been held by different friends and family members, but we never seem to be in these photos, at least that’s something that I have found.

I find myself wishing more and more that as my children are growing up, there were more photos of me with them, I have loads I have taken with their dad, and just sometimes wish he would get some of me playing with the boys, having cuddles, showing the love and connection with me and them.

I have found that as I have met more mothers over the years that this isn’t just me that thinks this but many others as well. Wishing we could turn back the time to when are babies were still babies so we could have just a few more photos with them.

So this year I am planning on making more of these photos with my boys, while they still want to be held in my arms, smothered in kisses, and I am their world.

I know that more often than not I won’t feel amazing, my hair won’t be brushed, I won’t have my make up done, but I will have those memories, I will have the photos to show the smiles our family shared. Who knows I might even drag the kids into the studio more this year to have the wall art worthy images that can be put up on the walls of our new house, that can show my own perfect little family.

I know that in both of my pregnancies, I have really not felt great, but I have dragged by not so little bootie to the photography studio and had a day all about me and my baby bumps. Starting to build that connection to my boys and my own love for myself and my body, before my boys arrived.

I can honestly say that although the thought of dragging myself to the studio to have photos taken, I have felt frumpy, just like I am going to hate every photo I take, but once my boys have arrived and I have looked back at my maternity photos, it’s amazing that I don’t see that frumpy, tired, not quite me, pregnant blob, I see the amazing and actually quite beautiful thing my body is doing growing my little boys to join the world, and to be quite honest I look amazing, even though I know at the time I didn’t feel it.


Mums and Mums to be take note, take photos of yourself, with your family, have a shoot, just make sure you have those memories that you can look back on, that will bring that smile to your face, that you can hang up on the wall, and be proud of your own perfect little family, with you in the photo because you are your families world, and you deserve to be in those photos to.

Don’t ever feel like you don’t look pretty enough or perfect enough to create an image that you can love and show off.

As your family grows up, all they will see is that you was there too.

If you would like to discuss a professional shoot with myself I would be more than happy to tell you all about how I can help you create those images that you will just love to look back at with your family.

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