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Mums are allowed to have a Life

One thing that I find hard to understand is how some people seem to think that once a women has a child, that all of a sudden that is all she is.

Yes she’s a mum, but she is also still a women, a daughter, a friend, a partner, along with many other things. So why do we continue to put this pressure on mums that they are just a mum, and their life revolve around nothing other than their child.

Now don’t get me wrong my boys are my world, and I would do anything for them, but I am still a human. I still need to take time for myself, have time with my partner for us to have our time, time with my friends.

If all my children see is a mum is nothing more than a mum, then what am I bringing them up to think and believe of women. That we are nothing more than baby makers?

I want my boys to look and me and know that I have my own wants, needs, feelings, things that I enjoy, and that they are also allowed to have the same.

The words of “once the baby arrives it’s not about you anymore”

I remember feeling when I was pregnant and had my first, was something wrong with me, because I didn’t change my car to a family car (I kept my 2seater convertible for quite a while), I met up with friends, I still had time for me, we made a point of having date night.

But I knew just because I was now a mum it didn’t mean that I had to lose everything else about me and my own identity.

A friend of mine had step into the role of “I’m a mum”, as if that was the only thing that defined her. And I knew that was never going to be me. Again I would do absolutely anything for my boys, but I also understood that they didn’t need me to lose myself in raising them.

But my question is why are we made to feel like this?

Constantly comparing ourselves to other mothers about how much of a mum I am.

“I must be a better mum, because I decided to stay at home with my kids instead of going back to work”

“how can you possibly have the time to do your make up when you have kids to look after?”


Of course our children come first, but that doesn’t mean we don’t matter. Just because our baby has arrived, that doesn’t take anything away from the women in front of you.

So why not do something for you.

Let get together, have a good natter, have a pamper, and let me make you feel like a goddess with a maternity shoot, or an amazing day and experience with your babies, and family,


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