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Newborn Photography is not an easy job

Been a newborn photographer, for me is one of the most rewarding things that I do. taking newborn photos, and creating beautiful memories that my families can cherish and hold onto for a lifetime, is something that I am so happy that I am able to do.

especially when I get to continue watching my families grow, with sitter sessions as these newborn babies start to get their own characters, and personalities, as my families grow and change, I love that I get to be part of their whole journey.

One thing that I have been hearing a lot lately is, "You have to have a lot of patience to do this as a job" and parents commenting about not realising how much actually goes into a newborn shoot.

So I thought I would write a quick blog about everything that goes into your newborn session.

Taking Newborn photos isn't as straight forward as other types of shoots, it is extremely specialised, and is why I have had training in newborn photography, to ensure I am able to pose the safely, I also have my paediatric first aid, to make sure I am doing everything I possibly can to ensure the safety of your newborn baby during their session with me.

Even if you don't choose to book your newborn session with me, please do make sure you are going to a newborn trained photographer, since it is such a different type of shoot.

Due to babies coming on their own schedule, I always recommend booking your newborn session before baby arrives. This is because I only take a limited number of babies due each month, to ensure your session and your newborn experience is everything you deserve.

At Your Session...

Once your little one has arrived, I ask that you let me know within 48hours, to book in a date for your newborn session, so that it can take place within the first few weeks, while your little one is still sleepy. (as your little one grows you will find that they aren't as curled up as they first was, they are a lot more alert, and it is when this happens that those beautiful newborn photos that you pictured displaying around your home become harder to achieve. due to safety reasons some images will not be possible.)

The studio is kept nice a warm for your newborn, along with white noise if needed to help keep your baby calm and settled.

I have a wide selection of different colour wraps, hats and head bands which can be used in your session, with colours that you want for your images. so everything is ready for your shoot, you don't have to worry about a thing.

Newborn sessions are completely baby led, so if your little one wants feeding, needs changing, just wants a little cuddle to help them settle this is completely fine, and I work to them.

Sometimes clients want to take behind the scenes images, and this is fine as long as I am in them, and any that you are happy to share to show other what goes on at a newborn session with myself are always welcome.

Newborn sessions can be long, since everything is done at a much slower more relaxed pace for your baby, and for some of the session your baby will be naked. sometimes babies have accidents, on me, the props the blankets, it happens and I am used to it, so do not worry if your little one does do this during their session.

If you do have any questions at all about my newborn sessions please do feel free to message and ask, I am happy to make sure that your whole experience, is relaxed, and everything that you would want form a newborn session.

If you are expecting, and would like to book a maternity or newborn session, I would love to help you create these beautiful memories.

I look forward to hearing from you


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